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46: 6th Man Leadership with Norman Coulter





How wonderful that in this final episode of the Life In Brilliance Podcast I get to talk about two of my most favorite things - sports and leadership!


Norman Coulter is the Founder of 6th Man Leadership. After a 25 year career in basketball and 15 years leading in religious and educational sectors, he now spends his time researching in depth (in his PhD studies) Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Self & Athletic Identity. Whew! Isn't that beautiful?


It was beautiful to hear Norman's story of growth and resiliency and how he has used his experiences as opportunities to propel himself forward.



I am Grateful for all the work Norman is doing, and I love that I had to opportunity to know him, and that his show was the most perfect end to the Life In Brilliance Podcast.


Some good nuggets in this conversation include:

Norman's remarkable story of resiliency.  

What 6th Man Leadership is. 

What his many years on the basketball court taught him and gave him.    

Why he is so interested and committed in developing role models.


 Listen in on our last of these Amazing conversations taking you to another level!



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