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Wealth Is a Habit w/National Wealth Expert Louis Barajas


Wealth Is a Habit
w/National Wealth Expert Louis Barajas



Scarcity mindset is the biggest thing that holds people back.


National Wealth Expert Louis Barajas talks to us about building wealth.


Especially if you grew up poor or in a lower SES household, this is for You.


 Louis understands better than most the psychology behind our money matters.


Listen to his story about how at 13 years of age he had to learn how to file taxes for his father.


Listen how after working with mega-wealthy clients he chose to leave that and go work with lower income Latino communities.


He is willing to have tough conversations about money.


He is willing to talk about things that make people nervous.


And he is willing to push you beyond your comfort zone.


Louis now manages mega wealthy clients (in business) and he sees the habits that keep them on top.


Do yourself a favor and listen to this interview NOW.




Louis shares his expertise:

  • The advice he has given his clients - and what they did with it - to help them become wealthy.
  • Why your belief system is the most important factor to building wealth.
  • The mind shifts that are necessary around money for most people.
  • The different habits of the poor versus the wealthy.
  • How living an unconscious life lends to staying broke.
  • Louis's C.A.S.H. system and the ABC's of finances.
  • The message Louis has particularly for those who grew up poor and are now making money.

Louis talking My Street Money and how to save while doing holiday shopping


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2 thoughts on “Wealth Is a Habit w/National Wealth Expert Louis Barajas

  1. Lori Drengson

    Louis has always given great guidance as my financial planner. I have been a client since 1996. Now he is advising our daughter.

    1. Liz A. Garcia Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing Lori. I love that he is now advising your daughter too! He shared so many great strategies in this episode. I can see what you’ve stayed with him for so long, he’s Brilliant!

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