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Luv Me Retreat


The Luv Me Retreat™


A one-day retreat where you get to Luv yourself, strengthen your relationship with YOU, and create your action plan for a most Amazing 2017!




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"Amazing workshop with great exercises which opened up my mind to look deeper into who I really am. I learned how to Luv me in a different way I didn't know was possible"


Who Is This Retreat For?


♠  You had a good 2016 and you are ready to make life even better! Take it to another level.

♠  2016 was jacked up for you and there's no way in hell you're having another jacked up year. 2017 is your come back. 

♠  You've set goals in the past but you've had trouble keeping them.

♠  You want to be happy. Or happier. Or create more badassery in your life. Or learn how to enjoy it.

♠  You are ready to live boldly and Stay Limitless™!





What Can I Expect At The Retreat?


♠  To experience a day of high-level love, connection and transformation.

♠  Exercises and activities that will stretch you, teach you, inspire you and prepare you to live a bold life.

♠  To have real, no-bs conversations about what you want - clarity, connection and action.

♠  Guidance and support to create an action plan so you begin your year the way you want to, versus letting it just happen to you.

♠  A community of Amazing people doing life real big who will support you, guide you and celebrate you towards a kick butt 2017!!



Be The First to Know When Tickets Are on Sale Again



 Keeping you real, whole, and happy.



Contact Info:      (323) 527-7228

P.O. Box 33667 • Los Angeles • CA • 90033