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43: Next Steps After The Election w/ Dina Cervantes & Dennis Ojogho









We have a new President-Elect. How do we move forward from here?


 Today's conversation is with two of the brightest and most accomplished experts in the political, social justice, and community organizing fields.


Dina Cervantes is the Chief Registrar at Do It In A Booth, a grassroots, non-partisan project developed to promote voter activism and civic engagement in a fun and sexy way. She was the Convention Host for the 2015 Young Democrats of America Convention and holds over twelve years of voter registration experience. 


Dennis Ojogho is a recent Harvard graduate and civil rights activist with experience working with the National chapter of NAACP.


This conversation dives into the whirlwind that has been the past week of post-election chaos.

We dive into moving forward after the results, lessons learned from this past election cycle, and opportunities and responsibilities for us all moving forward.
I feel blessed that I can bring such accomplished community leaders to you.

Some good nuggets in this conversation include:


What is not healthy for us to do as we move forward. 

Call to Action for those who feel your voice doesn't matter.  

What opportunities this crazy times brings.  

Message for those who feel most dis-empowered and afraid. 

How can our brown and black communities work together to make a difference.


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