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In my conversations with women, there are several things that arise over and over. One of them is, in their attendance at events/workshops/conference/etc is being told what it is they "need" to do, or "should" do, or what "would be good" for them to do, but not being shown HOW to do it.



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As a coach and as an educator, I know the importance of helping people through those first steps of "doing" when they are implementing something new.


I also know how critical the continued support is through the starts and stops and start overs and stumbles of implementing new beliefs and habits into our lives.


Ongoing support is necessary when building new habits. In fact, research shows that we are more likely to achieve our goals when we participate in regular supportive groups.


Another reason why ongoing group work is so helpful is how many people think they are alone in their respective situations. I hear it ALL. THE. TIME.


It's Amazing to me how many women think that's it's just them. I promise you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



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These are two of the reasons why I created Chingona Chats™Chingona Chats™ is a weekly workshop series that will give you the time, space, and community you need to explore who you are and begin implementing the steps to do life differently.

If you are ready to stop playing the "I'm not good enough" game, then these chats are for you.

You'll network. You'll receive research-based content. And you'll begin to take the action steps to take YOU to the next level.



Look. Only come if you're ready to BRING IT. Cuz we're gonna be having real and raw conversations about life, love, and everything in between.


Each conversation will center from the star. That means You.


Even more beautiful- it's only $25 each session!


So buy your tickets now and let's do this!


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You can buy a ticket to an individual session, or you can get a discount if you buy a pack of 4!

*All sessions will go from 6-8:30 pm. There will be a $5 surcharge for on-site registration.



Wed, 7/5        Daily Practices to Build Self-Luv

Wed, 7/12      How to Stop Putting Yourself Down

Wed, 7/19      Using the Sh*t You've Been Through As Your Strength

Wed, 7/26      How to Love That Part of You That You Hate

*Sessions 6/28- 7/26 to be held in Room KH B1008



Wed, 8/2        What is a Growth Mindset and How Do I know If I Have It?

Wed, 8/9        Practices for Building Your Growth Mindset

Wed, 8/16      How to Use "Mistakes" and "Failure" to Create Success

*Sessions 8/2- 8/16 to be held in Room KH 2008


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