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Stay Limitless coaching services help Chingona Latina women to clear old blocks and traumas that hold them back from feeling joy.


We do this by identifying and removing old patterns & identifying your challenges in managing life transitions while teaching you specific strategies and tools that will aid you in clearing what you are ready to let go, while building self-love and self-trust.


Unlike other coaching that is generic or focuses on vague and esoteric concepts, my coaching is specific to the experiences and needs of women of color and is focused on keeping conversations 100% real and doing the deep work that can be uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but necessary to move clients towards feeling empowered to live their lives authentically.






   I teach you to neutralize the emotional charge from those past experiences you haven't yet released. I know what it is to "have it all" and still be plagued with low self-esteem when old issues haven't been cleared.


I know what it is to lose it all, be in tremendous pain and live in shame about what I've allowed, despite my degrees and fancy resume. But I also know what it is to take those heart-breaking experiences, find the gifts in it all, and use it to empower me and propel me forward.


The processes that I use are research-based. In every experience with me, whether individual or group-based, I provide you with exercises to help you "work" through your challenges. Be ready to rock and roll, because as is anything else in life, I will give you 100% of ,me, but you will only get out what you put in.




   ♠ Results-oriented accountability to goals you set for yourself

   ♠ Clarity on who you are, what your top values are in life.

   ♠ Understanding of what things in your life are and are not aligned to your highest potential (ie you do them but you hate them)

   ♠ Strengthen your commitment to your Life Vision & what you are committed to creating

♠ Own your Brilliance, Boldness & Beauty

♠ Strengthening your relationships - with Yourself, others, your time, money, failure, success.

♠ Releasing of old beliefs, stories and habits that no longer serve you.

♠ Establishment of new beliefs and habits that align with who you are today

♠ Results are a 100% reflection of the effort the client puts in






Allow yourself to OWN all of who You are.

 Unapologetically BE You.

Magically CREATE You.

 Thoroughly ENJOY You.









I am a Transformational Coach and Leadership Trainer. I’m a little bit world traveler and a little bit OG. I’ve trained with the best including my time as the first All-American Women's Water Polo player in San Jose State history. I earned my Masters Degree in Education from Harvard. I got certified as a Dream Coach with America's Dream Coach Marcia Wieder and studied human behavior with World-Renowned Human Behavior Specialist Dr. John Demartini.


I host The Life in Brilliance podcast, where I interview national level experts in their respective fields; the show has been listened to an over 44 countries. I was a group leader for the founding class of the Latina Global Executive Leadership Program, founded in partnership with USC Marshall School of Business by Dr. Yasmin Davidds. I have coached, trained, and mentored thousands of leaders, including state and national level leaders, Ivy Leaguers, Olympians, and White House appointees.









“The workshops Liz gives are extremely helpful in all areas of life. She is fun, genuine and professional. I would recommend any of her workshops to all my friends and family. Every human being should experience this.
- Sand E. Varona, Film Producer”



“I have a clear purpose and plan for my life that I KNOW I can implement thanks to my VIP day with Liz. Before our day together I was confused about what I wanted and what I have to offer. Just thinking about my future was scary and emotional. Working with Liz brought previously hidden fears and beliefs to light and we cleared them with ease. Now I am excited and confident with a plan in hand."
- Kimberly Klaas, Intuitive Healer




Your Amazing Life . Create It . Let me help you.


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